The Basics

How do I get started?

We are in the midst of selecting some partners on a limited basis for 2013. Go ahead and reach out to us through the contact link. We'll help you get setup and help you get started.

What sort of events can RaceDay cover?

RaceDay can cover any sporting event that has timing involved. This can be as simple as just finish line timing or more sophisticated like an Ironman® length event with dozens of timing locations. RaceDay has been used successfully at running, biking, and triathlon events to name a few.

Event Setup

How many Cameras should I use?

We suggest a camera be used at each timing location. This will give you a really rich participant video. We've supported an event with 10 camera locations. For events with a there-and-back format, the cameras can be flipped around for an additional video clip. However events can also be successful with just one camera at the finish line.

Where should the cameras be located?

Typically the cameras should be located exactly next to the timing mat or the timing mat should be visible in the frame of the camera footage.

What does the QR Code do?

The QR code allows us to sync the time of your video with the results of the event.

Do I need an app to use the QR Code?

The QR Code is generated from a simple webpage. You will need a smartphone or tablet capable of displaying the code. Once the page is loaded the QR code will run, you don't need internet access after the page loads.

How long should I run the video?

We recommend that you start your cameras 10 minutes before the first participant passes the camera and run the camera continuously until the final participant passes the camera without interruption. This way you can start the camera and leave it alone to do other tasks.


What items do I need to upload?

You will need to upload timing data for the event in a spreadsheet format. To generate the participant videos, the raw unedited video footage for the event will also need to be uploaded. In some cases you may also want to upload event logos for branding.

How long does it take to upload?

We recommend an upload speed of 10Mb/s at minimum. These speeds or faster are typically available from your provider. If you are recording a small event like a half marathon you might use 3 cameras where you would expect to 20-40GB of footage. This would take 5-10 hours to transfer at 10Mb/s.

Is there a way to get my event live faster?

If your provider can offer you business class speeds, the additional bandwidth for upload will make your event ready faster. For larger events or where production is time critical we'd suggest shipping us a hard drive next day air.

Video Generation

After my videos are uploaded what do I need to do?

There are a few steps to complete before the videos are rendered and made live. These activities are all done in the setup portion of the application before the videos are live.

How will know my videos are ready to share?

Throughout the process we will notify you of progress and what to do next. When the videos are done rendering you'll be notified so you can send out an email to your participants. A list of every participant with his or her unique URL will be provided for your email blast.

How long does it take for the participant videos to be generated?

Once all footage has been uploaded, videos are typically generated within 48 hours. We are always working hard to reduce this time.

Downloading, Watching & Sharing Videos

What size/resolution/format should my images & video clips be?

You should upload video at 720p minimum. This ensures the best quality videos. Most people upload at 1020p. We then render the videos for fast deliver over the web.

Can I embed the videos into my site?

Yes, an embed link is provided for individual videos.

Technical Issues

I would like more detail on many of the items covered here,
where can I learn more?

Once you sign up, we have a support site & forum that will help answer your questions.

If I have problems that your support pages can solve,
where can I get help?

You can contact RaceDay’s support team. We're here to help.

Copyrights & Licenses

Who owns the content I produce?

You retain all rights to your content. RaceDay assumes no ownership in your material. However RaceDay reserves the right to use the content for promotion and advertising.