How it works


Wow comes standard.

Our proprietary technology makes something complex easy to do.  We're changing the way events are remembered. One video at a time and here's how we do it.


1. Setup Cameras

Place the camera on a tri-pod anywhere near a timing mat. Use up to as many cameras as you have timing mats. For example: Start, 5k, 10k, Finish.  begin of swim, begin of run, begin of bike, finish.


2. Use Sync Tool

Hold Raceday Sync tool in front of each camera for at least 30 seconds at the beginning of the video.


3. Upload Files

After the event, upload the files to your Raceday account and the processing begins.


4. Configure & Edit 

Once we have your videos, make your final tweaks and make sure the videos are ready for production.


5. Generate Videos

We use hundreds of video servers to get each participant's video ready in a timely manner.



Sit back and feel confident that your event will be memorable, more profitable and know your participants will have a great keepsake of their personal battle to share with friends and family.